The Light Is Fading Out.

A list of things I like:

1) Bank Holiday Weekends – which means an extra day off work. I just can’t seem to get enough sleep at the moment so an extra day to catch up is appreciated.

2) Food that isn’t good for me but it always tastes so damn good. I like it, but I’m trying not to eat it. My waistline will thank me. Eventually.

3) Hair that I can plonk on my head and not have to adjust too much. Like this one from *booN.

4) These new boots from Sensual Mistery. Big and chunky with nice details and they resize with a script.

5) Jeans from Nardcotix which have been my ‘go-to’ jeans for a while now. Pants and underpants layers, modifiable, two types of cuff and available in a number of colours. Would love them to be available in a ripped version too.

6) Music. Usually loud. Occasionally live.

7) Aardvarks.

Skin (Mark – Stubble) ~ LaVie

Eyes (Ice Crystal) ~ Poetic Colour

Scarf (BT_KintScarf_G2_Normal/White) ~ Aoharu

Shirt (NX Neron Plaid Shirt Negro Rolled Up Sleeve) ~ Nardcotix

Vest (Vest Roxe #Black) ~ Emery

Hair (booN XXX777 Chocolate) ~ *booN

Jeans (NX641 Black) ~ Nardcotix

Boots (Knea Boot – Black) ~ Sensual Mistery

Poses from don’t freak out!

Now playing:    Imperative Reaction – Judas


~ by Bronson Twine on May 2, 2010.

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  1. The hair looks amazing.

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