There’s No One Else To Blame.

I’ve not been sleeping well lately and last night was especially bad as I had a few things on my mind so I when I was finally able to drag my butt out of bed I logged on ,had a bit of a wander and pulled this look together.

I’d not been down to Signature Skin Labs for a while and found this skin which hadnt been available last time I was there. Loved the face and so got it. Theres various other tones and facial hair options to choose from.

Now, while I was walking through another store I experienced something I never thought I would in Second Life and that was for some idiot to make racist comments towards me based on the colour of my avatars skin. I should have gotten the avatars name and reported them but I was too stunned to think straight and they tp’d out before I could hunt them down.

Second Life is a diverse community. Regardless of your gender, race or sexuality its a place where you should be welcomed with open arms for being the person you are. People who use hate against others to validate their own existence are a total waste of a sperm and egg.

Anyway. The boots. Look at them. Very nice, aren’t they? Not cheap and they took a fair bit of adjusting but worth it I think.

Skin (Jabari Dye Tone 1 Hair Shaved) ~ Signature Skin Labs

Eyes (Dazzling Hazel Eyes) ~ LAQ

T-shirt (Drape T-Shirt White) ~ NoaR

Shirt (Maki2 N.shirt Orange) ~ :SEY

Jeans (Lowrise Jeans 01) ~ Ninikoboy

Boots (si*na Dark Brown) ~ +grasp+

Necklace {group gift} (Lily Leather Necklace) ~ Sole Accessory

Bracelet {group gift} (Comp Leather Bracelet) ~ Sole Accessory

Poses from Izumiya

Now playing:    Sia – Breathe Me


~ by Bronson Twine on May 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “There’s No One Else To Blame.”

  1. You look so good that the idiot was jealous on you. Yes I wish SL was a place where we could leave our fear and prejudice behind when we logged in… sadly we don’t.

  2. WTF at the racist comment. outrageous fuckers. hahah I was thinking the exact same thing, they must’ve been jealous

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