The Space In Between.

Dear Monday,

I’m sure you’re a very nice Day of the Week. I’m sure all the other Days of the Week invite you around for dinner parties and buy you nice presents on your birthday. But I happen to not like you very much.

It’s nothing personal. It’s just that youre the first day of the working week. The day that ends the weekend and the day that makes me have to get up at stupid-o’clock to go and do stuff that I don’t want to do.

But when I get home I do occasionally get to do stuff I do like, like blogging. I get to log in Second Life and take pictures of this shirt from Aoharu with its colour change tie and this cool cardigan from !Ohmai (can cardigans be cool? I think so….) And I get to wear my new loafers from House Of Curios which didn’t cost me much and are colour change. And if I’d been in the group I could have have changed them to even more colours. But I’m not. So I couldn’t.

So. Monday. I guess youre not that bad really. I still won’t be inviting you to any dinner parties though…..

Skin (Skin (Mark Stubble Hair Base Normal) ~ LaVie

Eyes (Ice Crystal) ~ Poetic Colour

Hat (Bonnet Black) ~ Gentlemen

Cardigan (Hansel Cardigan – Grey) ~ !Ohmai

Shirt / tie (Elegant Suit Option/Shirt – Black) ~ Aoharu

Trousers (Broek Black:Rolled) ~ Ducknipple

Shoes ~ (Easy Strider) ~ HOC

Poses from Diesel Works

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~ by Bronson Twine on May 17, 2010.

3 Responses to “The Space In Between.”

  1. That’s fantastic! Oh and I love this look. Up close you’ve got a Tom Brady thing goin on. Nummy…

  2. Poor you. My Mondays are my day offs. So I posted this just to gloat and say I like this gentlemanly look.

  3. I love this cardigan I think more guys should actually wear those.And yeah Mondays kinda do suck because you realize you have a whole week ahead of you.Great Post.

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