Dears Gods of SL Fashion,

Its been almost a week since my last confession. Or should that be blog post? Either way it’s been longer than I usually go without posting and when you start gettings IM’s in world telling you to update because the sender has nothing to wear then you have to do something about it (btw, if that was you – apologies for not catching your name. SL crashed before I could make a note of it but you made me laugh).

So, I picked up this jacket from Amerie and teamed it with a few things loitering inside my inventory. For some reason, the bottom of the jacket is a tone darker than the rest of it. It resizes with a script and is no-mod so I couldn’t tint it back to white like I normally would. Theres a few other colours available in store in plain and checked designs.

Skin (Skin (Mark Stubble Hair Base Normal) ~ LaVie

Eyes (Ice Crystal) ~ Poetic Colour

Coat (Pea Coat – Gray) ~ Amerie

Jeans (Everyday Jeans – Dark Gray) ~ Doppleganger Inc.

Sweater (Dark Red Turtleneck) ~ Acid & Mala Creations

Boots (Xing Boots – Black) ~ Shiny Things

Glasses (G Force) ~ GOS

Mittens (Cosy Mittens – Black) ~ Reek

Hair (Nick – Oriental Brown) ~ Uw.St

Poses from Diesel Works

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~ by Bronson Twine on May 23, 2010.

3 Responses to “Sunday.”

  1. Aww. You hare so pretty here that it hurts 😉

  2. Hah… typos. Hare=are. Or was i dazzled by your look?

  3. well..the guy who IM’d you inworld was my, he was complaining to me for days that there was no update on the blog and i told him to complain about that to the blogowner not me..and he did..sorry for that..hahahaha. Anyways we love your blog and i often sent him to get some stuff you blogged here :). His name is Blake Romanas btw.

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