Together We Resist.

It’s a Bank Holiday and I had no intention of blogging today. A long lie in was intended. A lot a lazing around and listening to music was intended. But I woke up earlier that I wanted to and so decided to log on to SL and do something fun. And that fun something was to dig out my boy alt and give him a bit of a makeover. It was never intended to become a blog post, but I liked the results so I took a few pics and decided to share them.

The trousers are from Ce Cubic Effect and to my surprise took very little editing to get them to fit. A number of colours are available and Galliano Boucher modified them into a cool pair of shorts which you can see here.

The tattoo is a previous group gift from Connors which no longer seems to be available. However, there are some in a similar style to buy as well as a couple of other tattoo group gifts dotted around the store.

Skin (Legacy Type 1B Faux Shaved) ~ DNA Cloning Facility

Shape (Gerard V2) {modified} ~ The Habitat

Eyes (::UH::RE:earth – small) ~ Umedama Holic

Hair (Rush – Meteoric) ~ Uw.St

Vest (Wifebeater – white) ~ Zaara

Trousers (Flare Trousers – Black) ~ Ce Cubic Effect

Shoes (Babouche/WT/DT) ~ 2g

Tattoo (Mandara Art 003) {previous group gift} ~ Connors

Wrist/hand Tape (Loose Hand Forearm Gap) ~ SiniStyle Design

Poses from Izumiya

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~ by Bronson Twine on May 31, 2010.

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  1. How much do I love this look?! I think I’ve sent the link to everyone I know LOL (Hooray for friendly fashion spam!) 😀 Great work!

  2. I love the whooole look! 😀

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