More Than This.

Just a quick post today to show off a few of my favourite tattoos that are out there at the moment.

As you can probably tell, I prefer my tattoos in plain old black. Coloured ones can look great and the HUZ TATS one shown here is available in a coloured option and the Connors one has a green version.

As is usual, they all come on the various clothing layers with the Aitui and HUZ TATS ones including a Viewer 2 tattoo layer option.

Skin (Mark Stubble Hair Base Normal) ~ LaVie

Ears (Type 3 Stretched Ear – Twist) ~ Aitui

Hair (Simon SMBRIII) {colour tinted} ~ KMadd


Tattoo 1 (Pretty Birds Flock) ~ Aitui

Tattoo 2 (Horn Eye – Black) ~ HUZ  TATS

Tattoo 3 (Viva Zapata) ~ Garden Of Ku

Tattoo 4 (Trybal Lizard)~ Connors

Poses from Diesel Works

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~ by Bronson Twine on June 13, 2010.

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  1. TY Bronson, appreciate your appreciation 🙂

  2. *peeks below the pictures* & sigh

  3. thanks for featuring MADesigns Hair Bronson

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