Today Will Never Come Again.

When you leave it’s like I disappear
Everytime you go it feels like
Seconds slowly turn to minutes
A month of sundays coming up
Time again it pulls me under
Wonder if I’ll ever rise above
It’s too much but not enough

Misery loves company
For a little bit of sympathy
It’s here today but it’s gone tomorrow
It’s here today and today will never come again.

Skin (Legacy Type 1B Faux Stubble) ~ DNA Cloning Facility

Shape (Gerard V2) {modified} ~ The Habitat

Eyes (::UH::RE:earth – small) ~ Umedama Holic

Ears (Type 2 Stretched Ear – Elf) ~ Aitui

White eye (Hell-ena: Shabriri Sans Left) ~ House Of Ruin

Facial Tattoo (Broken) ~ AQ

Jacket (Leather Coat – Brown) ~ Connors

Boots (Boots009 – Black) ~ [NC]

Shirt (Deep V Neck – Chocolate) ~ This Is A Fawn

Belt (Bottom of Brown Sweater) ~ Izumiya

Trousers (Broek Brown Straight) ~ Ducknipple

Tattoo (Aviation I) ~ Aitui

Wrist/hand Tape (Full Palm) ~ SiniStyle Design

Piercing (Labret – Shadow) ~ Buried

Poses from Izumiya

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~ by Bronson Twine on June 17, 2010.

12 Responses to “Today Will Never Come Again.”

  1. Beautiful visage !!

  2. I MUST tell you I completely love your style ! *-*
    Very very good job ! ♥

  3. I love that face tattoo.. It might have to be the reason I finally try out 2.0. I’ve been itchy to get my hands on the tattoo layers but I keep getting put off. I might give the Emerald beta a go.. that tattoo could be perfect for a project I had in mind.

    PS.. love the blog too 🙂

    *goes back to lurking instad of posting lame replies*

    • You should totally give a 2.0 viewer a go. I’ve been using Snowglobe 2 for a while now and despite having issues with my Windlight settings at the start I’ve had no real problems. And I can’t live without the tattoo and alpha layers now….

      • I can imagine I will get very addicted to the tattoo and alpha layers very quickly.

        I’ll download it tomorrow and give it a bash.

  4. Gimpy eyes are never sexy. At least it looks cool xD

  5. Impressive! 😀

  6. Very nice!

  7. Gorgeous! Where’s the hair from?

    • I realised I’d forgotton to mention the hair and hoped no one would notice… 🙂 Details below.

      Hair (Rush – Meteoric) ~ Uw.St

  8. Hello, I’m glad you like my face tattoo 🙂 If you want to get my new releases to try out, please contact me in world 🙂

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