It’s that time of year ago. The time of year when a lot of people get a chance to take some time out. To relax. To not do the stuff they normally have to do. To have a holiday.

And that got me thinking – can a blog have a holiday too?

So, (ir)regular guy is having a holiday for a couple of weeks.

My time in Second Life seems to be focused on this blog at the moment. And I really don’t mind as I love doing it and I love it when you guys who read it take the time so say you enjoy it or find it useful.

But I need a little break to do some other stuff that I want to try. To see more of my friends and to not spend so much time in stores and not always be thinking about what I can wear with that item and will the other thing that I have go with it.

Knowing what I’m like, I’m bound to find something I just HAVE to blog and a post will sneak it’s way in but I’ll try my best not to. Honestly. But I’m making no promises….

Skin (Mark Stubble Hair Base Normal) ~ LaVie

Hat / hair (Baseball Cap – Curly Black) ~ Argrace

Tattoo (Viva Zapata) ~ Garden Of Ku

Shorts (Daft Trunks) ~ Reek

Necklace (Kimara – Black Stone) ~ Mandala

Bracelet (Dark LEather and Bead Found Object Bracelet) ~ Mhaijik

Pose from don’t freak out!

Now playing:     Weezer – Holiday


~ by Bronson Twine on June 24, 2010.

7 Responses to “Holiday.”

  1. Enjoy the break! You definitely deserve it. *hugs*

  2. Have a good vacation, I’ll be counting the days untill your return, hugs and kisses

  3. Well you managed to get in the beach-style look I was begging for before you took a break! *hugs* Relax, enjoy, and know that your style is still appreciated! 🙂

  4. You are The Best ! Have a great holiday, if you can …. hehehe

  5. I so totally agree with you! Blogging is a lot of fun, but soooo time consuming!
    I love that beach picture btw! 😉

  6. Have a great break, love the blog

  7. Have fun Dude!

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