Dance Like Nobodys Watching.

So, the blog holiday is over and (ir)regular guy is back. I would have sent you all a postcard and got you some duty-free but, well, I forgot.

I got distracted by these boots, you see. A number of different colours are available and the laces and insides are colour change. They also resize when you click on them. They automatically attach to the lower leg with an invisi-prim on the foot but as I wanted to wear pants with cuffs I had to reattached them to the foot. Easily done but worth making a copy of them before you do that so that you have a version for each attachment point.

And I love this hat and cuff I picked up from The Good Life. I stole it from a post at SLook Book but it was a bit of a purchase of faith as there didn’t seem to be a demo available. And we all prefer demos. Right? However, there are rezzed versions to look at in the store and it was no trouble to fit so all’s well that ends well.

Skin (Mark Full Beard Cut Hair Base Normal Haired) ~ LaVie

Eyes (::UH::RE:grand ocean – small) ~ Umedama Holic

Ears (Type 2 Stretched Ear Human 1″) ~ Aitui

Shirt (Poet Top Black) ~ Bellies

Vest (Green Plush Vest) ~ Action Surf Sk8te

Jeans (Straight Fit Jeans – Black) ~ Muism

Hat (Rimmed Beanie Black) ~ The Good Life

Bracelet (Rogue Cuff Black) ~ The Good Life

Boots (BootsNo.012 – Gray) ~ [NC]

Necklace (Daniel Layered Chain w/Cross) ~ Phoenix Rising

Tattoo (Veritas Text Faded) ~ HUZ  TATS

Taped fingers ~ SiniStyle Design

Poses from Diesel Works & Muism

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~ by Bronson Twine on July 5, 2010.

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