A Voice Comes Over Clear.

A List Of Things That Are Cool.

1. These shoes from :SEY. You can buy a number of different colours and theres a HUD included which enables you to change the colour of the foot and nails to match the colour of the skin you’re wearing. It’s a bit of a fiddle but I think I got something pretty close. Eventually. And you can choose between the shoe with an invisi-prim or the version that uses an alpha layer on the foot if your using Viewer 2.0.

2. New mens hair from Truth. Possibly my favourite mens release from there and I’ve seen it everywhere since it went on sale. But still worth getting.

3. New poses from oOo Studio. Attention to detail and natural positioning of the avatar are always good things in my book.

A List Of Things That Are NOT Cool.

1. Arrogance.

2. Ignorance.

3. Stealing, even if its something that may seem small and insignificant to someone else.

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Skin (Mark Stubble Hair Base Normal) ~ LaVie

Eyes (::UH::RE:earth– small) ~ Umedama Holic

Hair (Eric – Espresso) ~ Truth

Glasses (Denton Shades) ~ Reek

Jacket/shirt (Traveler – black with red) ~ Argrace

Undershirt (Henley Neck Shirt – black) ~ Saikin

Trousers (Sweat Pants – grey) {colour tinted} ~ Noar

Shoes (Menfas – black) ~ :SEY

Poses from oOo Studio & Diesel Works


~ by Bronson Twine on July 26, 2010.

9 Responses to “A Voice Comes Over Clear.”

  1. Big hugs, Bronson. You are too cool for school lunch. ❤

  2. woooa the shoes are very coool !

  3. I totally bought those sandals too, but I have no idea what to put them with. Well done Bronson. He’ll get his in the end… literally and figuratively.

  4. Hi 🙂 I love your blog. I’m always coming here to checkout your look. But i’m curious about the program that you use to make these ROUNDED border. Can you tell me please? Thanks~ F.

  5. Love the shirt and jacket!

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