Just a quick post tonight to show you some skins which I’m liking.

Sacred Skins have just released Ethan with comes in four skins tones with seven facial hairs in each. I’m wearing the darkest two tones here.

Single skins are priced at L$799 while the fatpacks are L$3500.

Demos are available in store.

Skin (Ethan Tones 3 & 4) ~ Sacred Skins

Necklace (Cowrie Shell Necklace) ~ Acid & Mala Creations

Underwear (Devan Boxers – White) ~ Zaara

Poses from Muism

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~ by Bronson Twine on August 2, 2010.

4 Responses to “Ethan.”

  1. Do any of these have a nonblack beard in the style of the upper right?

    • The skins are only currently available with the dark hair colour.
      It’s the first realease by this particular store and as yet I don’t know if this range or future releases will include other hair colours.

  2. what shape is that in the picture?

    • Unless stated otherwise, the shape I use in all posts is my own and is not available for sale.

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