Weights All Around Yourself.

Skin (Ethan Tone 2 Beard) ~ Sacred Skins

Shirt (Sepia Oxford) ~ Schadenfreude

Cardigan (Accent Cardigan Brown) ~ *FIR*

Trousers (Tux Pants Brown) ~ *FIR*

Boots (Airth Boot -Dirt) ~ {theosophy}

Hair (Slow Hands – Brown) ~ Shag

Eyes (::UH::RE:earth– small) ~ Umedama Holic

Bag (Rucksack) ~ Arai

Poses from Muism

Now playing:    Interpol – Slow Hands


~ by Bronson Twine on August 3, 2010.

6 Responses to “Weights All Around Yourself.”

  1. Like ZONG stop stealing Vic’s blog style

  2. Yummy hair Bronson! *drools*

  3. Where do u get your shape?

    • Unless stated otherwise, the shape I use in all posts is my own and is not available for sale.

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