Falling Into Something Different.

I like it when you find stuff in the least expected places. I once found a sock stuck to the velcro on my bag as I was walking to work one day. And yesterday I was looking around a furniture shop in SL when I found these boots. They also come in black and a paint spattered version and three different sizes come in the pack. They’re no mod so try out the demo to see if you can get them to fit before you buy – I had to wear the smallest foot part with the biggest leg attachment.

I’m also wearing a couple of new releases from NSD. I love these shorts and the sculpted attachments on the legs and the bottom of the shirt didnt have to be modified at all – which is rare for me. Of course, you can if needed and as usual a whole range of colours are available. I actually darkened the colour of the shirt here so it toned in with the boots a little better

Skin (Ethan Tone 2 Chin Patch) ~ Sacred Skins

Hat/hair (MMB FP ~ Meteor) ~ Uw.St

Shirt (Rebel T-shirt – Red) ~ NSD

Shorts (Rolled Up Shorts – Gray) ~ NSD

Boots (Work Boots – Red) ~ *KOPI*

Necklace (Rosary Of Vengeance) ~ Ha!

Glasses (Glasses 04 BL-BL) ~ Arai

Bag (Waist Bag) ~ Arai

Poses from Diesel Works

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~ by Bronson Twine on August 10, 2010.

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