So Long, Farewell.

I’ve come to a decision this week and believe me, it’s not a decision I’ve made lightly.

And the decision is this: there will be no further posts on (ir)regular guy for the foreseeable future. The way things stand at the moment there’s a possibility I may never post here ever again.

However, I have spent far too much time and hard work on this blog over the last year and a half to let it go. It’s mine. I’m proud of it. And so it will remain here.

But for now, thank you to everyone who has read these pages and commented and been supportive.

Take care of yourselves.



~ by Bronson Twine on September 2, 2010.

17 Responses to “So Long, Farewell.”

  1. Take care Bronson. Your blogging and sense of style will be sorely missed. *hugs*

  2. Bronson!!! NO!!!! 😦

  3. shame really, I have always enjoyed your looks – maybe if you have more time – but not all things can last. I appreciate you leaving it up though!

  4. In the end, this is your decision, but I have to let you know that your blogs have been my ultimate guide to SL fashion ever since I found them. It sounds silly, but you’ve done a great service to me, and so many other male avis in SL. I appreciate all the work and effort you’ve done, and hope you find something that you enjoy doing more. Thank you, Bronson. 🙂

  5. Hoping you’ll rethink your decision. It’s so necessary to take a regular break, try new activities and simply take some me me time with friends etc. BT, this may be just the part of the iceberg I see, but as you said, this blog is yours, you have totally made a difference in blogging over the last year, your amazing pics on flickr, your regular work, people do not work this hard, this seriously, to never return.
    So I’ll just say…. till soon my friend; enjoy some time off, I’ll put a beer aside and a good song for the day you return.


  7. This saddens me to read – as I know it does for many other followers. I totally respect your decision. Your voice, your sense of humor and most importantly, your sense of style, will be missed. Take care Bronson.

  8. Seriously this made me a little sad 😦 I really heart this blog a lot, I love seeing new stores I’ve never been too or just seeing nice ways of putting something together! Come baackkkkkkkkkkk!!! Xoxox

  9. That is so sad ! I hope you’ll come back to us one day. Take care of you. Thanks for all the beauty here.

  10. Bronson, I’m sorry I didn’t show my appreciation sooner for you or your blog. Your blog is one of the best out there! I wish all the best for you. Take care.

  11. awwww noooo….There are so damn little Blogs for men on Sl and even fewer that I like…
    Your Blog was a big inspiration to all of us, and part reason why i started mine too, I got a lot of ideas from yours and I will miss it..
    Ill keep this page bookmarked for definate and keep checking in, just in case the Fashion bug grabs yer ass back here again for some more posts..

    Best of luck in what yer future brings Mate .
    You rock \,,/

  12. That to me is another blow below the belt line this week. So it has been in Second Life … we will not have our Emerald, we will not have our Ir-regular guy … perhaps a moment to look a little more for the RL …
    Bronson Thanks for everything!

  13. ohh shame i will miss your blogs they was awesome, you will most definatly be missed, you was the main inspiration for me creating my male avatar..good luck bronsen and have fun in whatever you do 🙂

  14. What a pity! I’ve enjoyed your posts for a rather long time now, and used you as a source to outfit my male alt. (and he’s such a pretty cuss, in part because of YOU!)

    Merry travels, and may your SL be grand in the coming years.

  15. Thank You for Your sense of style…thank for your work 🙂 good RL

  16. That’s really too bad but I respect your decision. You’ve been a great inspiration to alot of guys and have helped make the male side of the grid look a world better. A real style bible for many a male avatar and will be sorely missed
    Hopefully, one day you will return and I wish you the best in your future endeavours. Whatever they may be

  17. Thanks for the kind words everyone. Appreciated more than you know.
    However, I’m disabling comments on this now.

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