Sacred Skins are all set to release a new skin and here’s a sneak peak of Robert which should be out for sale this weekend.

I wore Ethan a lot when it was released earlier this year and Robert is even better. Four skin tones will be available and each skin comes with brown and black hair base & facial hair options. Theres also a set of tattoo layers included to add eyeliner, rosy cheeks and a parted lip shadow. Theres also a penis included and it’s nice to see an uncut one for a change – which is not something I thought I’d ever say, especially here…

By the way, you’ll get all this for L$799 per single skin while the fatpacks will be L$3500.

In all the pictures I’m using poses from Exposeur who are having a sale at the moment. I’ve been using poses from there for a while and can’t recommend them enough, especially when you can pick up a fatpack for L$100.

Skin (Robert T2) ~ *Sacred*

Underwear (Ribber Cotten Boxer – YamaTsuchi) ~ VITAMEN

Eyes (Reflections – Loss) ~ LeLutka

Poses from  Exposeur


~ by Bronson Twine on November 5, 2010.

3 Responses to “Robert.”

  1. Thanks Bronson for blogging about our skins 🙂 I like Robert evenmore than i did Ethan on your shape

  2. Darn! Did you say 799??! Male alt suddenly want some §L and go shopping. I hope Sacred Skins offer some skins for blond and red hair too. Or darker skins. This must be the cheapest male skin in SL. I also like that the hair isn’t drawn so long down in the forehead. Some male skins look a bit Neandertal-ish….

    • Hey, Marianne. Thanks for the comment. This is the only the second release by Sacred and so far only black or brown hair is available. However, there are some darker skin tones to choose from.

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