Do Or Die.

Halloween wasn’t that long ago. We’ve only just had Bonfire Night. My local shopping centre already has its Christmas decorations up and the weather is so cold and nasty that it takes a massive effort for me to get out of bed in the morning, never mind actually leave the house.

And so I guess that winter is finally upon us although it’s seems to have found its way here far too early for my liking. But it does mean that I can spend the evening wrapped up warm in front of the PC and playing around with some stuff in SL like the new suit from Aoharu.

Of course it would be far too easy for me to wear the entire thing (which you can see here), so I didn’t and put my own spin on it.

By the way, the stats tell me that this is my 251st post. Which seems ridiculous. But I guess stats never lie…

Skin (Robert T2 Chin Strap Black) ~ *Sacred*

Eyes (Reflections – Loss) ~ LeLutka

Jacket & Waistcoat (British Tweed Suit – Plaid Grey) ~ Aoharu

Scarf (Auldearn Scarf – Coal) ~ {theosophy}

T-Shirt (Men In Suits) ~ Oompa

Trousers (Design Pants – Black B) ~ Scars

Boots (ROT Test Boot) ~ WMD

Hair (Punk Hair HO39 – Black) { free} ~ Black Maria

Piercing (Spider Bites (L) Captive Bead) ~ Aitui

Glasses (Half Shutter) ~ Kalnins

Poses from  Muism & Exposeur

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~ by Bronson Twine on November 9, 2010.

6 Responses to “Do Or Die.”

  1. Did you edit that hair yourself :o?

    • The only editing I did was to that hair was to colour tint it using a light brown to provide a better match to the hairbase on the skin.

      • Really :o? Cause I’ve picked up that hair and it had a longer hairpiece right in the middle. It also really looks like there’s hair on the sides on top of the hairbase :O. Somehow I’m not able to duplicate the look. Not that I want to mirror you 1:1 but that haircut on the picture looks 10x better than the same haircut on my head, even with the demo skin by Sacred.

  2. where did you get the hairbase for the hair? or did it come with the skin?

  3. The hairbase is part of the skin.

  4. Eric – I may have shortened the front piece of the hair previously but thats all I would have modified. And that is all I am wearing other than the hairbase which comes with the skin. The skin itself comes with a hairbase in two colours (black and brown) and I’m wearing the black version here. I don’t know which colour version is part of the demo.
    I wore the skin, pulled the hair from my inventory, tinted it a light brown to match the hairbase, and that was it.
    Sorry youre having dificulties achieving the same look.

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