Okay, Alright.

Today’s post is a tribute (or maybe just a direct rip off) of a post by another blogger – and that’s the mighty James Schwarz from SLipsters. You see, in a recent post he also wore this sweater with a shirt and tie under it and I thought it looked great. Now, I never intended to copy but I was messing around with some clothes this evening and it just kind of happened.

You see, I wanted to wear this hat – especially because I’d spent ages colour tinting the hair and it took me sodding forever to get right (it was green at one point). And if I was going to wear a bowler I may as well wear a shirt and tie and I had this sweater and I remembered that it looked good in the Slipsters post, and…..whatever.

So, Mr. Schwarz – feel free to call me a basic bitch. I stole your look. Kinda.

Oh, and by the way – the boots are new at *FIR*. Lots of colours, resizable and damn fine boots they are too.

Skin (Bjorn – Vanilla: Beard) ~ Ispachi

Eyes (Ellis Sleet – Small) ~ LeLutka

Hat/hair (Henry – Sandrift) {colour tinted – R134, G97, B75, H22, S28, L41} ~ =Mach=

Sweater (Trident Sweater – Grey) ~ NSD

Shirt & Tie (Elegant Suit Option / Shirt – Black) ~ Aoharu

Trousers (BT Pinstripe Formal Suit – Black Slacks) ~ Aoharu

Boots (Highcrest Boots – Black) ~ *FIR & MNA*

Shape (My Own) ~ Not for sale

Poses from  Diesel Works

Now playing:  The Cribs – Hey Scenesters


~ by Bronson Twine on February 24, 2011.

2 Responses to “Okay, Alright.”

  1. Hahaha, I love you! Monochromatic bitch, I like it.

    And yes, those shoes the bomb.

  2. oh – something in black – how… unusual for your site ^^.
    and always good to see things i never have seen at another blog befor…

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