A Simple Prop.

Opinions are like arseholes. We all have them and most are full of shit.

Sometimes it’s better to keep your opinion to yourself, especially if it wasnt asked for in the first place. Just my thought for the day.

Anyway, I’ve finally gotten round to picking up this jacket from Redgrave (which is great) and loving the new jeans from Young Urban. They come in various colours and the sculpted cuffs are really cool.

And if anyone is interested, I’m also cheating on (ir)regular guy with another blog. I know, it makes me a cheap and dirty blog slut but a man has his needs. Check out mcgreavy place, if you feel so inclined.

Skin (Bjorn – Pale: Soul Patch) ~ Ispachi

Eyes (Ellis Sleet – Small) ~ LeLutka

Ears (Type 2 Stretched Ear – Human – 1/2″) ~ Aitui

Glasses (Augie Glasses) ~ Reek

Hair (Nick – Crimson Flare) ~ Uw.St

Jacket (Suit Jacket Sculted Open – Black) ~ Redgrave

Sweater (Stitched Thermal – Red) ~ Mon Tissu

Shirt (Oxford Shirt – White) ~ Schadenfreude

Necklace (The Kraken Necklace – Tarnished) ~ Kari

Jeans (Edwin Jeans – Dark Wash) ~ Young Urban

Shoes (PornStar Lo-Tops) ~ Urban Bomb Unit

Socks (Red Argyle Socks) ~ Valiant

Shape (My Own) ~ Not for sale

Poses from Exposeur & Diesel Works

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~ by Bronson Twine on March 10, 2011.

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  1. Colors, layers, styles, everything. Just right.

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