Flying Into The Sun.

I’m sure no-one really gives one of those flying brown things that my arm hurts at the moment but it does. Too much time sitting in stupid positions while editing pictures has taken its toll and even editing these simple blog pics wasnt a pleasant experience. So a little less time with the PC and SL may be needed. Well, I can at least try.

Anyway, NSD have realeased some rather fine eyes recently and what I really like about them are that they are prim and come with a HUD  which allows you to resize them (among other things). Therefore, they fill out the eye socket a lot better than your usual eyes and a whole range of colours are available.

Skin (Robert T2 Chin Strap – Black) ~ *Sacred*

Eyes (Ultra Eyes Swamp / Light) ~ NSD

Facial Hair (Anders – Light Beard, Black with Sideburns) ~ Nanuk

Ears (Type 2 Stretched Ear – Human – 1/2″) ~ Aitui

Hair (Without – Dark Brown) ~ U.December

Shirt (Hibiscus Yellow Shirt) ~ Shiki Designs

T-Shirt (Deep V Tee – White) {colour tinted} ~ Muism

Sweater (Three4th Top – Striped – Muted Clay) ~ Aitui

Jeans (Danial Vintage Denim – Smoke) colour tinted} ~ Chinese Takeout

Shoes (The Ashford Brogue – Brown & White) ~ *FIR & MNA*

Necklace (Shamira Dog Tag) ~ Mandala

Watch (Triple Strap Watch – Brown) ~ Kari

Finger Tape ~ SiniStyle Designs

Shape (My Own) ~ Not for sale

Poses from Long Awkward Pose & Diesel Works

Now playing:   Crystal Stilts – Flying Into The Sun.


~ by Bronson Twine on April 24, 2011.

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  1. I care! Feel better soon.

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