No Recess.

Skin (Rainn T2 Stubble) ~ *Sacred*

Eyes (Ellis Sleet – Small) ~ LeLutka

Facial Hair (Chin Strap v.1 & Stubble Darker) ~ *Sacred*

Hat/hair (Daily Cap Type 1 – Black) ~ *Airflow*

Shirt (Polo Mix Type D Black) ~ *Airflow*

Trousers (Greed Shortpant – Black) ~ Blitzed

Shoes (The Twine Shoes – Red) ~ *FIR & MNA*

Bag ( The Curragh Satchel – Red Canvas)  ~ *FIR & MNA*

Badges (3 Hippy Pins Boy Fit) ~ Aidoru

Finger Tape ~ SiniStyle Designs

Poses from  Olive Juice

Now playing:  Nirvana – School


~ by Bronson Twine on July 31, 2011.

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  1. I’ve been eyeing around for high quality designs for male fashion in SL (of all genres) and went out seeking bloggers that reviewed male items.

    You are doing an excellent job! Great compositions, poses that don’t intrude, or overstate, and the clothing choices are solid.
    I hope you get linkbacks from the other SLbloggers in your blogroll. Please keep up the great work! Thanks for everything so far, its been a real treat to read. I’m looking forward to your next post.


    Grollvurk (in SL)

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