Fifteen Hours Late.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen – Second Life now has mesh. But don’t panic. You’re entire wardrobe will not become obsolete. Like all new things it will take time for it to get established and for the creative people within SL to get to grips with it but there is already mesh clothing (as well as other things) out there for you to take a look at. Strawberry Singh posted much more information and handy links in a post you can read HERE.

At this point, the items may not fit your shape and you can only use certain viewers (people on other viewers will only see you walking around semi naked with a blobby prim attached to you), but like I said, it’s early days.

In the pictures above the shirt, tie, hat, glasses and jeans are all mesh. The jeans are free and the glasses are L$1, so if you’ve not already grab a copy and have a play.

Skin (Rainn T2 Stubble) ~ *Sacred*

Eyes (Ellis Sleet – Small) ~ LeLutka

Facial Hair (Scruff Mutton Chops Combo 1 Stubble) ~ Emortal Concepts

Shirt and Tie (Dress Shirt: Skater Boy Navy & Tie: Alton – Charcoal) ~ Wicked Closet

Jeans (Bootcut Jeans – Average) ~ SLink

Hat (Seans Boonie Hat – Blue Denim) ~ Soren Jaakobs

Glasses (Mesh BC Frames / Clear) ~ bastard

Undershirt (Stitched Thermal – Grey) ~ Mon Tissu

Shoes (PornStar Lo-Tops) ~ Urban Bomb Unit

Poses from Diesel Works & Del May


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~ by Bronson Twine on August 31, 2011.

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