Watched By Empty Silhouettes.

Today’s post has been brought to you with inspiration from Fade To Grey and Chance from whom I stole the jacket and shoes. I actually tried to rez the shoes so I could take a decent picture of them but they have one of those no-rez-anti-copy-confuse-blogger-who-thinks-the-shoe-has-rezzed-under-his-house type things in them so you get to see them with my legs still in them, which does let you see the included colour change socks.

Skin (Ash – Sunkissed) ~ the body co.

Hair (Green II – Crayon) ~ Maitreya

Eyes (Ellis Sleet –Cloud) ~ LeLutka

Facial Hair (Scruff Mutton Chops Combo 1 Stubble) ~ Emortal Concepts & (Birk – Black) ~ Nanuk

Jacket & scarf (Military Jacket – Black) ~ Gabriel @ MFW

Shirt (Idle Mind) ~ flightless @ imbue

Trousers (Cargo 11 – Black) ~ Ronsem

Underwear (Boxer – Checkered White) ~ Ronsem

Shoes & socks (HighPads – Grey) ~ [ JP ]:dsg

Tattoo (My Reason – Fresh) ~ Aitui

Finger Tape ~ SiniStyle Designs

Shape (My Own) ~ Not for sale

Poses from Olive Juice & Exposeur


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~ by Bronson Twine on September 14, 2011.

3 Responses to “Watched By Empty Silhouettes.”

  1. This, right here, is what got me into Second Life. You say you have no sense of style, sir, but you’re amazing and have really inspired me! Thank you for spotlighting awesome stuff for men and showing a newb like me just how good this platform can be to really be unique yet stylish. ❤ And the fact that this post shares a name with my email address, from the same song lyric – uncanny!

  2. Tried to find the Shirt (Idle Mind) ~ flightless @ imbue but the SLurl ( apparently no longer exists.
    I really hate that when I want to go buy some outfit and the SLurl doesn’t work. Can’t someone double check the SLurl before they post them?

    • The SLurl given in this post was correct at the time and was a direct SLurl to the store. This post was made almost a month ago, in which time the location has become unavailable. The SLurls I use are correct at the time of posting and I cant be held responsible if the store moves or goes out of business after that time.

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