A Market Of The Senses.

So, I’ve seen a couple of posts featuring items from the Fall Collection from FIR & MNA (I prefer the world Autumn myself, but each to their own). You can check out the other posts here and here for more of whats been released and bloody good stuff it is too. I especially like this cardigan and as bowties are cool I had to wear this one, which also happens to be colour change and available in a number of other designs.

And damn you WordPress for making my pictures all blurry. I’ve tried resizing them but it did bugger all. Feel free to click on them for a closer view and see how they are meant to look.

p.s. theres another great post with the FIR stuff you can check out here.

Skin (Hunter – Light) ~ the body co.

Hair (Stampede – Black) ~ -dDx-

Eyes (Ellis Sleet –Cloud) ~ LeLutka

Facial Hair (Scruff Mutton Chops Combo 1 Stubble) ~ Emortal Concepts

Cardigan (The Dev Cardigan – Navy) ~FIR & MNA

Tie (The Grafton Bowtie – Paisley) ~ FIR & MNA

Shirt (Elegant Suit Shirt – Light Blue) ~ Aoharu

Jeans (Baggy Jeans Medium) ~ Ronsem

Shoes (UBU Drunks) ~ Urban Bomb Unit

Wallet & chain (Suede Wallet) [previous version] ~ napolily

Badges (from Vest – Worn Union Jack) ~ Black Kettle

Freckles (Extra Freckles – Pale) ~ L.Fauna

Shape (My Own) ~ Not for sale

Poses from MANNERISM & Exposeur

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~ by Bronson Twine on September 19, 2011.

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  1. Muahaha. I get my own p.s. Also, bowties are definitely cool.

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