Don’t Nod Your Head Until June.

Today I have been mostly playing around with some more mesh clothes, wearing this new skin from Ispachi, quoting The Fast Show and listening to Morrissey.

Simon is available from today, there’s the usual array of skin tones and facial hair options and some cool Halloween inspired versions to pick up from the main store now.

Skin (Simon – Creme – 5 O’Clock Shadow) ~ Ispachi

Eyes (JeJune Icey Eyes) ~ Tres Blah

Facial Hair (Scruffy Mutton Chops Combo 1 Stubble) ~ Emortal Concepts

Hairbase from Aitui

Freckles (Extra Freckles – Pale) ~ L.Fauna

Hair (Stampede – Black) ~ -dDx-

Jacket (Jacket 1 – Male Medium) [Mesh] ~ 4mc

Necklace (Hoot Necklace – Tarnished) ~ Kari

Shirt (Bicolour Tee – Light Grey) ~ Acid & Mala Creations

Smiths Logo – Self Made – Not For Sale

Trousers (Tucked Mesh Fatigues) ~ DECO

Boots (Mesh Combat Boots) ~ DECO

Neck Tattoo (Love Hate – Dark) ~ Trailerstar

Finger Tape ~ SiniStyle Designs

Shape (My Own) ~ Not for sale

Poses from !Exposeur

Now playing:  Morrissey – Pregnant For The Last Time


~ by Bronson Twine on October 18, 2011.

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