Christian is the new skin by Ispachi. It’s released today. There are lots of skin tones and facial hair options to choose from. You can get a better look at the skin tones and facial hair in this post at Fade To Grey. I suggest you go and check them out.

Skin (Christian – Shaved) ~ Ispachi

Hair (Group Gift – Black) ~ Dura

Eyes (Deep Sky Mesh Eye – Summer Shore) ~ Mayfly

Necklace (Leaf Necklace) ~ KOSH

Tattoo (Zodiac ASF Libra) ~ Aitui

Freckles (Extra Freckles – Pale) ~ L.Fauna

Facial Hair (Stubble) ~ Sacred Skins

Shape (My Own) ~ Not for sale

Pose from Diesel Works


NB: Modified picture – Items may not appear as they do in Second Life.


~ by Bronson Twine on February 11, 2012.

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