Time On My Shoulders.

It’s after 1am on a Saturday night and I should really be in bed. But I’m not. Mainly because I got up late & then had a nap in the afternoon. But partly because I started working on this picture and when I start doing that I can’t stop until it’s done.

Anyway, this started out as an idea for a blog post, and then became a non-blog picture and then I decided to blog it anyway. Mainly because of these ears. New mesh ears from Illusions. Theres a HUD to colourise them and a number of different styles. You can check them out on the store blog HERE, or go and try some demo’s in-world.

I’m also wearing the new Vasean skin from Nivaro which I’m liking very much. Theres a number of skin tones and body hair options. Make sure you take a look sometime soon.

Skin (Vasean Skin – Ghosttone) ~ Nivaro

Eyes (Deep Sky Mesh Eye – Summer Shore) ~ Mayfly

Ears (Brownie Ears) {mesh} ~ Illusions

Hair (Green II – Crayon) ~ Maitreya

Shirt (Long Sleeved T-Shirt – Grey) ~ Ispachi

Wrinkles (Rough Skin Face) ~ Lanevo

Facial Hair (Stubble) ~ Sacred Skins & Tableau Vivant

Shape (My Own) ~ Not for sale



NB: Modified picture – Items may not appear as they do in Second Life.
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~ by Bronson Twine on April 29, 2012.

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  1. you have a great flair for facial detail ,,,, hummm. are you into animation ? let me know if you …

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