Pressure Finds It’s Way Out.

Entente have just released a ton of new stuff. Mesh stuff. In mens standard sizing.

As with previous releases, you buy the basic item and then you can buy texture packs to change the colour/texture with the included HUD.

I’m showing three of the items in this post, but you can check out the rest at their blog HERE, as well as a link to more info about the mens standard sizing project. Demos are available for the clothing items in store.

Skin (Cunov Skin – light tone) ~ Nivaro

Eyes (Deep Sky Mesh Eye Desert Dawn) ~ Mayfly

Facial Hair (Heavy Stubble) ~ FRUK & (Chin Strap) ~ Emortal Concepts

Hair (AJ – Raven) ~ Exile

Hairbase ~ Aitui

Shirt (Mettre Tee) {mesh} ~ Entente

Undershirt (Baseball Tee – Brown) ~ Reek

Necklace (Chapelet) {mesh} ~ Entente

Jeans (Au Fait Jeans) {mesh} ~ Entente

Belt (from CapeCoat Turtleneck & Knit Scarf Set) ~ Mr.Poet

Bag (Traveling Bag – Cocoa) {mesh} ~ Toki-Doki

Tattoo (Fire Arms) ~ Aitui

Watch (Industrial Watch – Brown) ~ Kari

Glasses (Augie Glasses) ~ Reek

Freckles (Extra Freckles – Pale) ~ L.Fauna

Beauty Marks (Beauty Marks 1) ~ Tuli

Shape (My Own) ~ Not for sale

Pose from Diesel Works


NB: Modified picture – Items may not appear as they do in Second Life.
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~ by Bronson Twine on May 30, 2012.

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  1. the new entente gear is awsome !

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