Review Policy and Rules of Contact.

1) If you have any comments regarding this blog or any of the items included on it, please leave a comment on the blog. I will not respond to IM’s or notecards sent to me in-world.

2) I accept and appreciate review copies. However, I cannot guarantee that I will feature them. If I like them and they fit into a look I’m putting together I will try my very best to use them. However, I will not associate myself with one particular store or be a designated blogger for that store. I will not be told what I blog, how my blog looks or what I write within it.

3) I do not sell my shape or give out the slider values for it. Saying please or how much you love it / need it will not change my mind.

4) I am not your Personal Shopper. Nor do I want to be.

5) I am not your boyfriend. Nor do I want to be.

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